Partner 11 – University Ibn Zohr (UIZ)

General Description:  The Department of chemistry in the faculty of science of the university ibn zohr (AgadirMorocco) is one of the most relevant departments of chemistry in the country with more than 52 professors. Our group of investigation situated in this department is the alone and the group who is working on natural products from plants from this region of Morocco. Our activities are related with the application of natural extract and essential oils as in cosmetics, industry and food complements.  Agadir is a region very rich in a lot of endemic plants like Argane. As a new investigator in this group with a large experience with Fundation MEDINA in Spain as a principal investigator on natural products, extraction, purification and structure elucidation, I will supervise the project in Morocco. In the last years we have published more than 30 scientific publications, participation and organisation of scientific congress in more than 10 countries.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: “This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 under grant agreement No 691247”.