Beneficiary 4 -  VenusRoses Labsolutions Ltd. (VENUS)

General Description: The VenusRoses Labsolutions Ltd. is a Company specialized in area of biotechnical research, development and production of natural food supplements and innovative beauty products. The Company has a wealth of experience in Quality Assurance, Product Development, Regulatory Requirements and International Product Registration. The R&D team utilizes unique technologies, as well as very well-known traditional technologies, to transform the natural ingredients benefits into the innovative finished products. We currently collaborate with various research institutes from government universities, which leading to participation of various research opportunities. The VenusRL products have been presented on the European market as of 2009, when they were first released in Bulgaria. Due to the high quality of the all-natural ingredients and the expanding product range, the products have become very popular among customers. We develop, make and sell perfectly coordinated product portfolios with excellent product quality, continuous innovation and high profit margins for the trade. The products are divided in two health & beauty lines: based on Bulgarian Rose Oil and based on Snail Slime Extract and manufactured under innovative technologies guaranteeing their healthy effect and quality. VenusRLis a partner company of many world leading distribution companies of cosmetic products and dietary supplements. The Company’s main markets are the EU markets-/Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Spain/, Ukrainian, Russian, Taiwan, Kuwait. Through the Company` branch offices in Spain and Kuwait are successfully optimized its logistics processes. The VenusRL products consist only of high quality ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness through invitro and in-vivo tests.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: “This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 under grant agreement No 691247”.